Quotes Kata Mutiara Jorja Smith

25 Quotes Kata Mutiara Jorja Smith dari Lirik Lagu, Dont Watch Me Cry

Bagi pencinta musik, nama Jorja Smith bukanlah nama yang asing lagi. Penyanyi sekaligus penulis lagu dari Inggris ini telah menelurkan banyak karya. Karya yang dibuat Jorja selalu berhasil membuat pencinta musik terpukau dengan lirik lagu yang dalam.

Banyak lagu dari Jorja Smith yang memiliki makna mendalam tentang cinta seperti Dont Watch Me Cry. Tidak hanya Dont Watch Me Cry, ada lagu lain yang memiliki makna mendalam seperti Blue Lights hingga Come Over.

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Quotes Kata Mutiara Jorja Smith

Quotes Kata Mutiara Jorja Smith

Berikut quotes kata mutiara Jorja Smith

1. “Maybe even fairy lights, not blue flashing lights.” – Blue Lights.

2. “Look blood, I’m sorry ’cause I know you got my back.” – Blue Lights.

3. “You see, you think you know me but you don’t even know nothing about me.” – Be Honest.

4. “You never know the devil in a disguise.” – Be Honest.

5. “Don’t wanna hold you, mould you, scold you, split you in half with my heart.” – Be Honest.

6. “It hurts the most ’cause I don’t know the cause.” – Dont Watch Me Cry.

7. “It kills the most to say that I still care.” – Dont Watch Me Cry.

8. “I’m not crying ’cause you left me on my own.” – Dont Watch Me Cry.

9. “I’m not crying ’cause you left me with no warning.” – Dont Watch Me Cry.

10. “Thinking it’s best that they leave, meaning that I’ll have to move on.” – Dont Watch Me Cry.

11. “You were the topic of my lunch times.” – Teenage Fantasy.

12. “Stop falling for these boys who didn’t want the same as me.” – Teenage Fantasy.

Quotes Kata Mutiara Jorja Smith

Quotes Kata Mutiara Jorja Smith

Berikut quotes kata mutiara Jorja Smith

13. “Too much time to be patient.” – By Any Means.

14. “Too much pain in these little white lies, you left here.” – By Any Means.

15. “Broke these chains just to put our hands up.” – By Any Means.

16. “When I saw what you did, who you were with.” – Oh My Mind.

17. “Now I’m growing wise to your sugar-coated lies.” – Oh My Mind.

18. “You showed me love that wasn’t real.” – Where Did I Go.

19. “This time my questions lay with you.” – Where Did I Go.

20. “Sometimes, I wouldn’t mind if I was less important.” – Let Me Down.

21. “I’ll be back in a sec, I need to reflect.” – Let Me Down.

22. “Fix your tone, man, you’re stronger than that.” – Let Me Down.

23. “I wish I could read your mind.” – Come Over.

24. “I don’t know if you want me to come over.” – Come Over.

25. “I’ve worked too hard not to lose you and you know that.” – Come Over.