Quotes For Shin Tae-yong

36 Quotes For Shin Tae-yong from Indonesian Supporters

Shin Tae-yong is the coach of the Indonesian national team. Indonesian fans really believe Shin Tae-yong can bring the Indonesian national team to become champions. The fans’ trust is expected to make Shin Tae-yong continue to be enthusiastic to win the championship with Garuda.

Memora.ID summarizes quotes for Shin Tae-yong from Indonesian fans.

Quotes For Shin Tae-yong

Quotes For Shin Tae-yong

Memora.ID summarized Quotes for Shin Tae-yong.

1. “Indonesian fans trust Shin Tae-yong 100%. Come on Garuda!”

2. “Together with Shin Tae-yong, fly as high as Garuda, make us proud.”

3. “Together build a team to win together. Come on Shin Tae-yong!”

4. “The belief to keep winning is always in our soul for Shin Tae-yong.”

5. “Never give up and keep fighting until you can. Shin Tae-yong for Indonesia!”

6. “Shin Tae-yong is always in the heart. Let’s be sure to reach the highest throne together!”

7. “There is no doubt to be proud to fight alongside Shin Tae-yong.”

8. “We are there for Shin Tae-yong. Shin Tae-yong is there for us. Garuda can!”

9. “Win I laud, lose I support. For the sake of pride in the chest, let’s prove Shin Tae-yong.”

10. “Yo come on, come on Indonesia, I want us to have to win! Shin Tae-yong prove it!”

11. “Shin Tae-yong will give his best, come on Garuda.”

12. “Indonesia runs in my blood. I am ready to give everything for pride.”

13. “United for victory with Shin Tae-yong. Come on, together be the pride of the fans!”

14. “Victory will come with real support from us. Come on Shin Tae-yong, show your greatness!”

15. “Together we believe we can achieve success with Shin Tae-yong.”

16. “The spirit supports pride to be the best, come on Indonesia, the spirit of Shin Tae-yong!”

17. “Let’s together escort Shin Tae-yong to become a champion with Indonesia”

18. “No one can beat, Shin Tae-yong can!”

Quotes For Shin Tae-yong

Quotes For Shin Tae-yong

Memora.ID summarized Quotes for Shin Tae-yong.

19. “Our blood flows for Indonesia, the spirit of Shin Tae-yong!”

20. “Close the ranks to support Shin Tae-yong.”

21. “Come on Shin Tae-yong, bring us a precious victory!”

22. “Victory will come when we unite with each other. Fight Shin Tae-yong!”

23. “Believe all the national team players, let’s Shin Tae-yong give your best strategy”

24. “Garuda with Shin Tae-yong will fly high carrying all our hearts and support.”

25. “Shin Tae-yong is always in our hearts. Together with Shin Tae-yong we are champions!”

26. “Sure that Shin Tae-yong won’t let us down.”

27. “Play with heart for the country. Bring Garuda flying high, Shin Tae-yong.”

28. “Supporters are ready to be by Shin Tae-yong’s side until Indonesia is flying high.”

29. “When we lose we will not go. When we win we are witnesses. All support for Shin Tae-yong.”

30. “Untiring to support Garuda. Red and white is our soul. Shin Tae-yong, we believe.”

31. “Listen to our screams, Shin Tae-yong, let’s make Indonesia the CHAMPION!”

32. “Our prayers are chanted for pride, Shin Tae-yong can definitely bring the champion.”

33. “Not afraid to face all opponents for victory in sight. Shin Tae-yong spirit!”

34. “Shin Tae-yong, let’s show your true self. Garuda is the champion!”

35. “One word for the Indonesian national team, JUARA! Shin Tae-yong is amazing.”

36. “Optimistic to win today. I’m sure Garuda will be the champion!”

37. “We give full trust to Shin Tae-yong. Come on Garuda!”