Quotes for Singapore National Team

40 Quotes for Singapore National Team from The Lions Supporters

Quotes for Singapore national team is a collection of words of support from the heart for The Lions. The unyielding spirit is ready to be given by the players for Singapore.

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Quotes for Singapore National Team

Quotes for Singapore National Team

The following summarizes quotes for Singapore national team from supporters.

1. “Victory will come with real support from us. Come on, Singapore National Team, show your greatness!”

2. “Singapore National Team, let’s make us proud with victory”

3. “Together we build a team to win together. Come on, Singapore National Team!”

4. “The belief to keep winning has always been in our souls for Singapore national team.”

5. “Never give up and keep fighting until you can. Singapore national team can do it!”

6. “Singapore National Team will give the best, come on The Lions.”

7. “There is no doubt for the pride of the heart to fight with Singapore national team.”

8. “We are here for Singapore national team. Singapore national team is here for us. The Lions can!”

9. “Win I laud, lose I support. For the sake of pride in the chest, let’s prove The Lions.”

10. “Come on, come on Singapore, I want us to win! Singapore national team prove it!”

11. “Support from our hearts for Singapore National Team.”

12. “Singapore runs in my blood. I am ready to give everything for pride.”

13. “United to win with Singapore National Team. Come on, together, be the pride of the fans!”

14. “Singapore National Team is always in our hearts. Let’s be sure to reach the highest throne together!”

15. “Together we believe we can achieve success with Singapore National Team.”

16. “The spirit of supporting pride to be the best, come on Singapore, the spirit of The Lions!”

17. “Let’s together escort Singapore national team to become champions.”

18. “No one can beat, Singapore national team can!”

19. “Our blood flows for Singapore, the spirit of The Lions!”

20. “Get the ranks together to give support to Singapore national team.”

Quotes for Singapore National Team

Quotes for Singapore National Team

The following summarizes quotes for Singapore national team from supporters.

21. “Singapore supporters believe that Singapore national team can become champions. Come on The Lions!”

22. “Victory will come when we unite with each other. Fight for Singapore National Team!”

23. “Believe in all the players, let’s Singapore national team give your best performance”

24. “The Lions will fly high carrying all our hearts and support.”

25. “Singapore National Team is always in our hearts. Together with The Lions we are champions!”

26. “I am sure that Singapore national team will not disappoint us.”

27. “Play with heart for the Singapore national team. The Lions, let’s win.”

28. “Supporters are ready to be on the side of Singapore national team until The Lions wins.”

29. “When we lose we will not go. When we win we are witnesses. All support for Singapore national team.”

30. “Untiring to support The Lions. Singapore national team, let’s win.”

31. “Listen to our screams, Singapore National Team, let’s be CHAMPIONS!”

32. “Our prayers are for pride, Singapore national team can definitely become champions.”

33. “Not afraid to face all opponents for the sake of victory in sight. The spirit of Singapore National Team!”

34. “Singapore National Team, let’s show our true identity. The Lions is the champion!”

35. “One word for Singapore national team, be a champion. Singapore national team is extraordinary.”

36. “Optimistic to win today. I’m sure The Lions will win.”

37. “We give full trust to Singapore national team. Come on The Lions!”

38. “The Lions can definitely win and make us proud.”

39. “Keep up the spirit to give the best victory for the fans.”

40. “Come on Singapore National Team, bring us a valuable victory!”