Gojo Satoru quotes

25+ Gojo Satoru Quotes from Anime Jujutsu Kaisen

Gojo Satoru quotes is a collection of the best quotes taken from the anime Jujutsu. Gojo Satoru quotes have a great meaning. Memora.ID summarizes the Gojo Satoru quotes from anime Jujutsu Kaisen.

Gojo Satoru quotes

Gojo Satoru quotes

Memora.ID summarizes Gojo Satoru quotes from anime Jujutsu Kaisen.

1. “Don’t worry, I am the strongest!” – Gojo Satoru

2. “They should be honest and acknowledge their abilities.” – Gojo Satoru

3. “No matter how many comrades are near you, you will always die alone.” – Gojo Satoru

4. “How are you going to get used to it, Suguru?” – Gojo Satoru

5. “Do your best, don’t hesitate to be selfish.” – Gojo Satoru

6. “Right now, you can only judge and match those around you, rather than seeing yourself as stronger later.” – Gojo Satoru

7. “Being righteous? I hate it.” – Gojo Satoru

8. “Are you lonely? go alone.” – Gojo Satoru

9. “Cry and apologize now and I will not kill you.” – Gojo Satoru

10. “I think playing 99 years momotaro dentetsu is more difficult, after all you’re here too right?” – Gojo Satoru

11. “Don’t even think about retreating, we don’t care if you’re scared, got it?” – Gojo Satoru

12. “Yo, I’m alive and well.” – Gojo Satoru

13. “You lost because you didn’t cut off my head and you didn’t use that curse tool when you stabbed me in the head.” – Gojo Satoru

Gojo Satoru Quotes

Gojo Satoru quotes

Memora.ID summarizes Gojo Satoru quotes from anime Jujutsu Kaisen.

14. “I’m sorry Amanai, I’m not angry because of you, I don’t hate anyone.” – Gojo Satoru

15. “What I feel now, is the pleasures of this world.” – Gojo Satoru

16. “In all the heavens and the earth, I alone am honoured.” – Gojo Satoru

17. “Trying stupid things that you know won’t work, is absolutely meaningless.” – Gojo Satoru

18. “It seems that I am still not strong enough, I can only save those who are ready to be saved.” – Gojo Satoru

19. “You better work hard, and don’t get left behind.” – Gojo Satoru

20. “I was surprised, you thought you could beat me, using that dandruff you call your brain.” – Gojo Satoru

21. “I will make sure to exterminate all of you.” – Gojo Satoru

22. “My six eyes say that you are Suguru Geto, but my soul says otherwise! Quick answer, who exactly are you!” – Gojo Satoru

23. “Die and win and die with victory are two very different things.” – Gojo Satoru

24. “I’m going to act a little rough.” – Gojo Satoru

25. “I don’t like routine.” – Gojo Satoru

26. “Don’t you know studying is important?” – Gojo Satoru

27. “Don’t bother, I’m not running away anywhere. If I run away, you will kill everyone here right?” – Gojo Satoru