Memora.ID Berbagi DANA Kaget untuk Ribuan Orang

Claim, Link DANA Kaget Sunday 17 September 2023

DANA is a platform for storing money as well as for various transactions. You can buy credit, electricity, PDAM and others here. After understanding DANA, you also need to know the abbreviation of the name DANA. DANA stands for Indonesian Digital Wallet. DANA will make it easier to pay bills.

DANA has many advantages that you need to know. The advantage of DNA is that there are many interesting promos. DANA provides many attractive promos such as vouchers, cashback up to 50% for shopping at Ramayana / Robinson, 50% vouchers for paying electricity bills, PDAM, telephone, insurance, internet, BPJS, cable TV, post-paid telephone and many others.


Another advantage is that DANA is connected to BUKALAPAK and TIX ID. This convenience allows you to make transactions at BUKALAPAK and TIX ID with payments via DANA. DNA also cooperates with many merchants such as Cinema XXI, Sepulsa, Reservation, Alfamart, BCA, Maybank, BNI, BPJS Kesehatan, and many other merchants. The advantages that make users happy are free bank transfers with a quota of 10 times per month.

What is DANA Kaget?

DAGET is a feature that offers many advantages for users by sharing their balance with other DANA users. The amount of DANA distributed can vary and can be adjusted according to the recipient’s quota. DAGET can be randomized the amount of funds received or made equally. The advantages of DAGET will make users feel fun in finding funds provided by other people.

DAGET is a favorite feature for gatherings. Sharing for others is suitable for those of you who want to give DNA to charity. In addition, there is excitement at the moment of gathering together or gathering. One family sharing a smile will feel complete with the DAGET game.



Memora.ID has a DANA Kaget sharing program that is distributed in Facebook groups. This DAGET is shared continuously every day. The excitement of users to play DAGET can be felt at any time with Memora.ID.

DAGET will be put Memora.ID at the bottom of the article. You can search for the word click here. Click on it and then open the DAGET envelope. If you have opened the envelope, congratulations DAGET has entered your DANA account.