Important business skills you can learn online

Important business skills you can learn online

Have you been told that spending too much time online won’t get you anywhere? You might be surprised to hear that this is one time your parents really had it wrong! In fact, spending time online and playing games online can teach you valuable skills that can set you up for success in business or your entrepreneurial journey. Even Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism is continually championing the development of digital skills in the workplace, so you could start working on those skills while enjoying some of your favorite pastimes. Want to learn what important business skills you can learn online? Let’s take a closer look:

Patience and determination

While famous gamers, YouTubers, streamers and creators may seem like overnight successes, the reality is it took a lot of patience and perseverance to build a loyal online following. It requires sustained effort over time to build an engaged audience. It also allows you the opportunity to learn from mistakes and use them as learning experiences instead of giving up. Persevering through these challenges will help shape successful long-term outcomes for both yourself and your business endeavors.

Solving complex problems and strategizing

Playing online casino games as well as puzzle games, strategy games and action games can help you solve problems faster by providing insight into human decision-making – a critical business skill for any entrepreneur or investor.

Players must think strategically in order to succeed and develop better problem-solving skills. Players learn how to analyze situations quickly, make decisions under pressure, manage resources effectively and plan ahead. These are all key abilities that successful business professionals use on a regular basis.


Important business skills you can learn online

Online gaming and gambling can be great for teaching focus because they both require players to remain focused on the task at hand. In online gaming, players must concentrate on their strategy, timing and reflexes in order to succeed. With gambling, players must stay mindful of their finances and the rules of each game in order to make the most informed decision possible.

Both activities also require good mental discipline in remaining patient while waiting for an opportunity or outcome. By playing these games regularly, a person can learn how to maintain concentration during dynamic situations as well as build up their problem-solving skills through careful planning and risk management.


Most online activities require people to exercise restraint because actions that fall outside of rules or norms can have far-reaching consequences. For example, when playing an online game or gambling, you may experience that taking too many risks can lead to negative outcomes such as disqualification or losing money.

Similarly, online creators who post content in poor taste or cause trouble online can lose sponsorships and followers. This understanding can help someone learn to better manage their impulses and be more aware of how they might be affecting the situation.

Team work

Spending time online encourages players to collaborate on strategies, share resources and support one another in achieving common goals. For example, when playing a game such as Fortnite, teams need to communicate effectively in order to survive and succeed. In addition, when playing online slots at casino platforms, teams of friends may compare notes about the different games they play to increase their odds of winning.

Creators and streamers often work with other creators or brands to create engaging content that requires communication and coordination between all parties involved. For example, gaming streamer Fajria Noviana works with a number of brands to promote their products or services to her 74k followers. Working together can help foster team-building skills that will be invaluable both inside and outside the virtual world.


Your online pursuits don’t have to be separate from your career aspirations, and with the right guidance and practice, you can use them to gain valuable skills that will help you develop professionally. Remember, many of the skills learned online are just as important in real-world business settings!